Monday, February 3, 2014

twenty-two. blizzard

today was cold. like C-O-L-D cold. and yesterday I didn't get much sleep, so this will be brief.

3 highlights of the day
1. I went grocery shopping today, despite the blizzard, and bought a lovely mix of fresh produce & frozen wonderfulness that is Amy's. When I am more awake and perky I will do a full-on post of what a healthy grocery haul looks like.
2. I went to the new chocolate café that looks exactly like the old chocolate café and ate a yummy salted caramel dark chocolate truffle and a piece of a perfectly sweet-tart lemonbar.
3. I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time & I'm pretty sure the drunkish birthday girl was winning. Funny and disturbing :'D

Now to scrub the makeup off my face and get into some comfy pants
Sadly I did not exercise today. Perchance there is time for a little shake-a-shake


  1. What?! There is a new chocolate cafe??

    1. Yes! It's called Choclat Maya or something like that haha...but I swear it's the same exact thing as the one that closed. (Same place, nearly same decor, nearly same ALSO the tea shop finally opened!
      ALSO this new one serves alcohol...I guess that's the main difference. Two of the guys I was with ordered absinthe haha.