Thursday, February 20, 2014

33. falling asleep

I fell asleep mid-way through a workout routine today. I was doing a youtube video and paused it so I could rest...just for a second...and fell asleep! Wow. Must've needed it, right?


1. Finally, finally, after days of (failed) planning & procrastination I made gesso! I'm in an art class where we're learning about different techniques that old masters used to mix up paints, prepare canvases, etc., before the modern convenience of art stores. The gesso is for a WIP panel painting, 15th-century Italian-style.

2.  Had lunch at the Tea House with Giselle, who is back from vacation! :-) Always really lovely to see her and we had a hilarious time negotiating with the (very rigid) staff on menu items. Had a lovely & varied discussion about self-respect and food poisoning (unrelated).  (Also unrelated--the Tea House is often mentioned on this blog. That's cause it's great. duh...)

3. Skyped with Deb & Nel (separately), and had a long & lovely phone conversation with Emjay (in which we agreed that Mercury Retrograde is a thing). Yay for communication, man. 

Shout outs to: This song, which I honestly thought was sung by a man, cooking healthy & delicious foods, creamy-crunchy peanut butter toast, Gwyneth Paltrow's site/ publication called goop, my favorite place to online-shop, Nasty Gal, and a creepy-cute tumblr art blog, Saccstry, that I just discovered today.

Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, stars. xo

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