Sunday, March 23, 2014


When I was little, my parents used to tell me it was "midnight" when it was 9pm. Looking back, "midnight" just meant "it's about time to go to bed." This fast-forwarding of time was ultimately very helpful to me, since it kept me sleeping pretty early and is probably one reason why I'm such a morning person to this day... plus it makes me appreciate how much I can get out of a day when I'm not zombie-tired.

Right now it's 8:54 PM and I'm winding down. I've already brushed my teeth, and I'm planning on surfing the web for a bit and then reading before I sleep. Right now I'm obsessed with the Rich Girl Pop playlist on Songza for chill background tunes. :)

Sometimes I find it extremely hard to get to sleep at night, but I think a big factor in my sometimes-insomnia is often being too wound up when I'm lying in bed. When I get caught up in school work and find myself swamped by an angry list of "to dos", I experience a weird sort of procrastinating-fueled daytime exhaustion, which leads to a late, late night (and then problematic sleep). So I'm trying out more of a low-key nighttime routine and I'll see how it goes. *yawn* :)

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