Monday, February 10, 2014

28. momentum & motivation

HULLO, OUT THERE. I am feeling really odd. Like, so little motivation to do homework. In fact, I have this extreme urge NOT to do any work. It's very strange. On the bright side, I did have a very productive day, so here's my 3 highs:

  • UNO
I finally, finally met with my Dean today! I'd been trying to schedule a meeting with her for ages and ages but never could find the time to drop by the office, and last week I finally did so today I FINALLY met with her. It feels SO good when I finally just do whatever it is that is really so simple but for whatever reason I procrastinate...

  • DOS
Then I had tea and rabbit candy at Yanan's (finally visited her in her house! yesyes) and omg rabbit candy = childhood memories.

  • TRES
I went to the Tea House again today for dinner with C and it is really a fabulous place. I had a GF mushroom panini (basically like an adult grilled cheese) and a delicious milk oolong (doesn't that sound so magical!?), which came with really delicious little homemade matcha cookies and complimentary savory porridge (lugaw, basically). Then we went to Green and looked at the grad student exhibit that's up now. Some of the stuff was really pretty cool!

SHOUT OUTS to this song (below) because I can't stop listening to it, and Blogilates, because ILY Cassey Ho.

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