Sunday, February 9, 2014

27. two three's

Oops I forgot to post again last night! Mea culpa…

SOLUTION! I'll post yesterday's &  today's highlights together.

I. Went to dinner at Pacifico for the first time & the food is really nice! I had a vegetarian paella, and a refreshing glass of sangria. :)

II. Met a bunch of new people at dinner & we all ended up chilling in my apartment afterwards, playing with #percythedog.

III. Met up with a friend afterwards to go to a dance, which was over, so ended up back at my place watching Downton Abbey. I'm actually not a Downton Abbey follower/ rabid fan, but I'll probably end up watching it one of these days and falling in love…just give me time… Anyway, this encounter actually propelled me into self-reflection, and the next morning (today!) I spent a good amount of time journaling about the kind of person I want to be/ the kind of life I want to lead &…the kinds of things I do not want in my life. (More on this later).

Looking at the above, I realize yesterday I did a lot yesterday. In fact, I do a lot every day. But I have this idea of myself in my head as this person who doesn't do all that much… idk…hard to explain. But I basically have decided that I need to learn to de-stress and just chill out more often…and learn to be peaceful not doing anything. RIIIGHT.


I. Did math homework with Jess again. =D It's getting progressively more difficult each week, so it's so nice to have a friend to tackle the problems with. Then we talked about life &c. Always fun. ;-D

II. Ate at the Tea Shop for the first time today. Delicious, healthy food. YESSS.

III. Skyped with dearest Deb! Spent a long time planning out our ~super secret project~ and catching up on life.

Ahhh ok I realize this entire blog post is a little bit cryptic and weird. Apologies. Hopefully more will be revealed in the future.

Ciao ciao!

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