Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30. still here

busy busy week
will do today's top 3 tonight but for now, here's a sort-of recap of the missed days...

ALSO IT'S SNOWING RIGHT NOW…. D: I so don't want to walk to math class in this weather.

1. I FOUND MY WALLET. OMG. I hadn't even realized I'd lost it…until around dinner time when I was supposed to meet some people to work on a long-term class project. I needed my ID to get into the building that I was going to and realized I didn't know where my wallet was! I frantically looked all over my room then went to the last place I really remembered having it--the Ethiopian restaurant (where I'd had lunch!) and THANKFULLY IT WAS THERE. When I first went back, the man who'd been there at lunch was gone & his wife said there wasn't anything but a scarf in the lost and found area but I persisted & she called her husband and HE HAD FOUND IT and put it away in the back… so THAT was a relief.

2. I worked out by myself for nearly an hour. THIS IS SERIOUS BIZ HERE. I honestly love exercising… I feel much more clear-headed, in general, when exercising is a part of my daily life…but it's definitely much more fun to exercise with a friend! Over the weekend I did a TON of Blogilates (a pilates-based series of online workouts by Cassey Ho) videos with Nel and we'd do different ones for about 50 minutes consecutively. It's a lot easier to say "just one more" to a friend and keep going for a longer amount of time…so I am very proud of myself that I basically was able to do the same thing for myself, if that makes sense, and keep going for the full amount of time (I did the Feb calendar's recommended workout--each month there's a new calendar with daily workouts listed from Cassey's youtube, which total around 50 minutes per day). Usually when I workout alone, I can easily do 20-30 minutes, but it's that last 15-20 minutes that is extra rewarding but harder to push myself to do…but I did it! SO THAT'S GOOD. 

3. I made the most amazing healthy dinner & then took a super relaxing bubble bath at night. :-) I watched youtube videos in the tub hehe.


  • Like I said, super busy weekend. Well I had an amazing time with Nel, who was here from the 14th-17th. :-) We mostly just hung out indoors, because the weather outside is seriously frigid, but it was so much fun to see her & chill together. :-)

  • Watched Bridget Jones Diary. I think I've seen that movie a few times at least! I usually don't watch most movies more than 1 or 2 times but Renee Zellweger is so great. She's super funny and super pretty & very easy to relate to. ;)
  • Went grocery shopping & cooked a lot with Nel. 
  • Discovered the existence of blue shampoo.
  • Added to my february playlist (I'll post this at the end of the month--basically each month I try to compile a list of songs I've been listening to a lot lately and it's a nice way of organizing my world). 
  • Went on a MAJOR SHOPPING SPREE at NastyGal
  • Drank lots of tea

All for now.
Hugs & kisses

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