Thursday, February 20, 2014

32. morning musing

Good a.m. folks. I just had a really lovely shower and am now sipping a mug full of warm lemon-water. Idk what it is about lemon-water that makes me so happy, but I always love to start my morning by fixing up a large mug of the stuff. :-D

Yesterday I was really tired before bed so I left the 3 highlights until now. Here they are:

I. I am really learning what it really means to "listen to your body". I am learning the difference between physical hunger and ooh that looks good. I'm learning the difference between physical exhaustion and don't really feel like it right now. It's still a fine line, but I'm a much better tightrope walker than even a month ago. :) Yesterday, for instance, I cooked up a really lovely and healthy dinner of a spicy cabbage stir-fry over quinoa with wild & brown rice and caramelized maple daikon. I took my time eating and realized I was perfectly content with my one bowl of food. I had a big mug of tea with honey. I also did some exercise, but realized I was more than just a little sore, and so I stopped rather than pushing on and injuring myself further. Small achievements, but kind of amazing.

II. I watched Girl, Interrupted for the first time. Loved it. The description on youtube (btw I am so stoked that you can buy & rent movies directly on youtube now) says it's a movie about a girl wrongly put in a mental institution...well I disagree. It's about a girl who completely freaks out and downs a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of vodka, nearly dies, and then is sent to the institution to experience talk-therapy and recover. Yes, this movie is set in the 60s, and yes there are extremely fucked up practices in the hospital (electro therapy is NOT okay), but it's not about some rando girl that gets locked up for no reason. She has problems. But what's great about the movie is it begins to expose the fine lines between the mentally healthy, the people who're just fine, and the completely insane. And it's a pretty fine line.

III. Final thought. Not sure how much of a highlight this is, but I slept before midnight last night, which seems like a huge accomplishment to me right now! And slept through the night. I've been sleeping at 1 or 2 and waking up at 6 or 7...not fun! And having trouble going back to sleep. SO sleeping nearly 8 hours straight is lovely. :)

talk soon

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