Tuesday, February 4, 2014

23. rainbows

Rainbows are awesome cause they're like these super pretty magical things that don't really really exist but are amaaaaze and only happen after a particularly rainy rain. 
Cheesy, right? But also true. Anyway today started off totally icky with me waking up at the crack of freakin dawn--yes at 4 am!!!--because of the overwhelming smell of PERCY'S PEE. :-( Seriously royally disgusting. (Percy is a little dog FYI not some weirdo person). 
this is #percythedog

It was so gross I couldn't get back to sleep (obvi I left my bed and tried to sleep on my other bed in the living room but I couldn't get the smell out of my brain)...so I tossed and turned until about 6 am when I decided to completely STRIP my bed and HAULED all of the sheets (even my mattress pad) down to the laundry room and used copious amounts of laundry detergent to ensure proper cleanliness. Long story short, I got basically 0 sleep & was super-exhausted BUT it was totally empowering to completely re-make and clean my bed (ha! celebrating the little things) and I TURNED MY DAY AROUND LIKE A FRIGGIN RAINBOW. So there. ;-D

I. Clean sheets. The smell of fresh laundry. Having a clean bed again. MMMMMM. 

II. I SKYPED WITH DEB TODAY. YESSSS. Deb, it was SO GREAT to be able to talk to you today. Not much to say except 2+ hr skype call and no awkward boredom...THAT is friendship. 

III. I dyed my hair mermaid-blue! So like, a bluegreen loveliness. It's a temporary dye from Bleach London's Super Cool Colors collection called Washed Up Mermaid. I had the honor of actually getting my hair done at Bleach when I was in London this past November, so of course I was super-duper excited about their new line of temporary hair dye. These dyes come in a full range of colors from my pastel mermaid seafoam to bright orange, deep purple,  pastel pink, & more. A seriously fun range of colors. They're supposed to wash out in 2-10 washes, which is fun for someone like me who likes to change hair colors like clothing. Will keep ya guys posted on how the color lasts and fades.

Now time to do homework 'cause I've got lots. :-( NIGHT-NIGHT.

Help I'm Alive - Metric
San Francisco - The Mowgli's 
Too Close - Alex Clare
White Nights - Oh Land
You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge
23 - Miley Cyrus


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