Wednesday, February 5, 2014

24. ZZZ

Sleep. Or lack thereof… but sleep is very fuh-reeking important, no? And I haven't been getting enough of it this week. When I eat well and sleep well--VERY basic things, people--I feel A BAJILLION times better in LIFE. I am HAPPY, daily. I am excited to live life. I am content. HOWEVER when I do NOT sleep well regularly, I am TIRED. I am thus less inclined to eat well (too much work) and less inclined to exercise (ditto--being tired SUX). And now my hair smells like cigar-infested pi$$. Le Ew.

To shift gears, here're my TOP 3 HI-LIGHTS:

ONE. Today I decided to dress up like a rockstar because, ya know, school. So I did that. And then I went to class and it was basically arts and crafts time because we just cut up paper squares and glued them into different shaped. And then my second class of the day was cancelled, so free time. Plus it's so amazingly winter-wonderland-ily beautiful here right now, I can't even.

TWO. I CLEANED MY SHEETS last night so now they smell BOMB. Like bOMBTASTICally FRESH. (I know I will regret what/ how I'm typing/ speaking right now but IDC because I AM THAT TIRED right now). So Percy's sleeping outside my room for the time being but ya know what, fresh sheets are worth it.

THREE. My dear friend Z who I haven't seen in too long cooked me an amazing, amazing grilled salmon-and-salad dinner tonight, enjoyed with a glass of moscato, and a delicious mint chutney. YAY FOR DINNERS WITH FRIENDS.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: • being ALMOST done with GOT book 3 • the Honest Trailer series by Screen Junkies on Youtube • having blue hair, because fuq ya • the word fuq, which I'm totally stealing from Mystic Medusathis girl, who makes annoyingly perky people bearable (and makes exercise fun) • and this song, which I used to be totally obsessed with (and which I still love) •••


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