Sunday, February 2, 2014

twenty-one. a box of brownies

omg shuz

Today's been pretty exhausting, so I'm just going to jump into the three highlights

This is how I feel when I'm wearing my faux fur jacket. Like a fabulous mammoth. 

I. Sunday Brunch. Today was Superbowl Sunday. But instead of watching the game this morning (I'm not a huge sports fan), I had brunch with my aunt + uncle + cousin & dad before leaving NYC to go back to escuela. Good food & great company. :-) I wore my cropped faux fur jacket from Sweden and patterned white tights under a black VS sweater dress.

Bemelmans Bar

II. Art. On the way to brunch, my dad took me to Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle. Ludwig Bemelmans was the writer and illustrator of the Madeline book series.

Miss Clavel, Y U So Angry? 

III. Math homework. Ok, well not the homework exactly, but my friend Jess came over to work on our math problem set together and our combined efforts made the time pass by so quickly & the homework itself seemed much more manageable. :-) #TEAMWORK

last lonely slice of  veggie pizza noms

Extra Shout-outs to: 
(1) Reading GOT on the Acela Express back to skewl; (2) Amy's Kitchen for making the most delicious frozen meals; (3) the song "23" (& y-day's blog title's reference to it); (4) beautiful shop window-displays in NYC; (5) post-workout endorphin rush; and (6) the old & confusing saying "life is a box of chocolates"



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