Saturday, February 1, 2014

twenty. three

Happy February, friends! For the entire month of February, I'm going to attempt to write a new post each day, where I write three highlights of my day, plus whatever the hell else I want. This is a small nod to the greatness of the universe, and an attempt to be a bit more consistent with my humble little blog. When I have time I'll add sketches to illustrate my posts. :) It'll be great fun!

I stole this idea from my friend Deb, who is currently galavanting around the world. :p I've been obsessed with reading her blog lately. It's called "Czeching Out!" because she's now living in the Czech Republic--too cute, right?!

Without further ado, here are today's three:

I. Today I went to Bendel's with my dad, which is a highlight in itself because it's one of my favorite stores in NYC. I tried on some slave bracelets, but none of them seemed to fit my hands very well, so I went upstairs to the head-and-hair accessories section and ended up buying two bohemian gypsy head chains. There isn't really an actual name for them. One was gold and covered in blue and white beads (illustrated above) a beaded chain-crown that you just place over your head. The other is in the same format, but much more lavishly sparkly, which I'm planning to wear at parties. =) I had fun trying on the headpieces and talking about my soft pink fairy-hair with the woman at the counter.

Then I went to the Illuminum perfume counter and tried on a bunch of different scents. It was pretty overwhelming, to be honest. They're made with between 15-40% natural oils, so they're pretty heady. They're supposed to last between 8-12 hours on the skin, and have pretty intense sillage. (Apparentlt Kate Middleton wore the White Gardenia Petals fragrance on her wedding day.) Nice perfumes but a bit too strong for me right now, so I passed...but still always fun to sample from perfume counters!

II. This is a silly highlight but I got to sleep in until 9:30 am this morning! I know, not too late for some people, but I am very much affected by the sunlight and am up around 7 am when the sun has a chance to stream in through my windows... but last night I stayed in the Lombo, which has lovely full-on blackout curtains. So much love. Very comfortable sleep...was reading GOT on my kindle before bed & I am now 77% the 3rd book! Too much excitement (not even joking).

III. Third highlight of the day: FAMILY LOVE. :D I had dinner with my aunt & uncle, my cousin, two of her close friends, and my dad. We had Filipino food (lumpia, gulay, pansit sotanghon, creamy maha blanca, and tortang talong) which was so nice... and then we had the funniest cookies and brownies for dessert. Not sure what the brand was, but they had silly-serious names like "darn good" and "incomparable" and "classic".

Time to read a bit more GOT and then time to sleep! Lots to do tomorrow...


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