Friday, February 28, 2014

38. feb 28

I can't believe it's the last day of february! Ahhh! My blogging has taken a bit of a slump this week…but I'm back. :-) I've also so enjoyed doing the "3 highlights" during february, that I want to continue it in some way in march. Maybe I will try to make a very short post every day with one highlight of the day and then at the end of a week do a "recap" sort of post. I'll figure it out… ;)

Now for this week's catch-up highlights:

I actually can't even remember wednesday too well. I was pretty stressed the entire day because I had a math midterm on Thursday that I just did not study enough for, so I spent a great deal of time procrastinating… The one highlight that I can remember is going to my math teacher for some help & spending quite a long time having a really great conversation. We ended up talking about life, death, aging, fear, poetry, short stories, and cats. :p Indulging in good conversation is so rewarding & fun.
I also had a good critique in my graphic design class. :-) It's such a practical class--really love it.

1. Long, long Skype call with Arietta :-) in which I listened to a lot of chill & happy music

2. Lunch at Ethiopian with John…I so love Ethiopian food & it's always more fun to go with a friend
3. Tea with DM - well, sitting in a tea shop w/her (neither of us got tea though, haha) - why is it that during the school year everyone gets so busy that nearly a MONTH can go by without seeing some friends?!

Honestly, Thursday was a super challenging day for me. I didn't check my bedroom door (which I usually keep shut) and Percy got in and peed at the foot of my bed again. :( I had to completely strip it & wash & dry everything, which took nearly three hours. That morning, I struggled with a midterm…and throughout the day my energy was super-low so I didn't get to do anything exercise or fitness-wise, AND I had the WEIRDEST sandwich for dinner. :/ Bleh. But seeing the above highlights put Thursday's challenges into perspective. :-) I am truly thankful for this blog as it has helped me begin to re-wire my brain to look at the good in each day rather than dwelling on the negatives.

The day is just beginning, so I'll return tonight with today's highlights, but for now I just wanted to express my general gratitude to oft-despised month of february--there were many great moments, and opportunities to heal & grow. Yay! And each day is a day closer to spring… ;-)

EDIT: What a long dayyyy. Briefly, three highlights:
1. I made a painting sketch that I am actually very pleased with today! =) Finally finally.
2. Skype chats with lovely friends.
3. Meeting new & wonderful people.

Vague & broad, but I am tired and need to sleep!


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