Sunday, February 23, 2014

36. productivity

These are freaking delicious brownies and 
if you stick around you'll find a link to the recipe below

I've had an incredibly productive day, at least relatively speaking, in terms of my current self. (Side note on Relativity: Isn't it funny how relativity is so important? Like, how everything we experience is experienced in relation to some other experience, and without that experience this experience could be totally different. Like, if you didn't know what darkness was, you wouldn't realize how bright lightness is…and if you didn't know what grayscale was, colors wouldn't seem so vibrant?)

Today I
Met with my english class/poetry group to discuss each others' sonnets then
Went to the Market to buy ingredients for these delicious black bean brownies, but
Forgot the Most Crucial Ingredient (the beans!) so had to go back, and
Took #PercytheDog with me, so she could get a walk (she was very excited)

Then I
Came home and began cleaning up before
Meeting Meg, and beginning brownie prep while
Listening to her current sitch and
Eating leftovers for dinner (delicious), then
Taking the brownies out of the oven, saying good-bye to Meg, and
Meeting Jess to begin reviewing for Thursdays' Math midterm but
Not really studying, anyway, but having a ball catching up :)
& eating brownies

Calista came over and
We actually got some readings done!
and now I am writing on my blog, thinking about distraction, procrastination, time, and productivity.

This is "boatmeal" (aka baked oatmeal), and 
a variant of this recipe

#1. Saw & participated in a fantastic (super interactive) performance
#2. Went to a Drag Show & then discovered a new dance club
#3. Ate Cherry Pie at a very very American Diner and felt I was really in America

#1. Beginning to GET ORGANIZED by writing things down and beginning readings
#2. Hanging out w/ Jess & Calista
#3. Baking DELICIOUS & HEALTHY brownies & cooking up delicious & healthy foods


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