Monday, November 11, 2013

five. a shift in perspective

I have come to believe that true change can only occur when it is accompanied by a new outlook on the thing or things that need changin'. For instance, if you think exercise really sucks but it's supposed to be good for me/ might make me thinner so I will try to force myself to start doing it…guess what? You're never going to do it. However if you start thinking, Gee, I feel really great every time I exercise, even though sometimes it's a bit of a struggle in the middle of it, and I've noticed it helps me in A, B, and C aspects of my life… then you're probably going to start/ continue working out. That's just one instance. I am pretty certain that almost, if not, all changes in behavior or habit comes from simple shifts in the ways we think about things.
I'm also pretty sure that I have already come to this conclusion before--possibly many, many times. So I'm either very forgetful or… sorry, what was I saying?

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