Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BACK again

back from france!

constantly trying to sort and re sort through my closet

feeling like a gypsy... always traveling... constantly jet-lagged, exhausted, but happy. :)

just read the book the china study & it reminded me of all the wonderful health benefits to plant based eating. i'm so happy to be home & have access to endless tropical fruits again.
love banana ice cream

going to dig out my camera and start learning how to use it properly :D


ps. shout out to spirit beauty lounge, my favorite natural skincare/makeup/ etc. store

pps. sound familiar?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

look into my eyes and tell me La la la la la

Finally home and I'm not sick anymore. Yes yes yes.

I got this rad snapback that says BOY on the front and GIRL on the lip.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Giggle to yourself like you are schizo

I think everyone needs to see this.


Listing Changes

Fifteen Things That Change
1. Strawberries change color from green to red as they ripen.
2. Nail polish cracks and chips and starts to flake--much like old oil paints on canvas.
3. Friendships can change. They can grow stronger, weaker, or turn into love or hate.
4. Caterpillars change into butterflies. Silkworms turn into moths.
5. People change their minds all of the time.
6. The sky changes colors.
7. Scientific opinion is constantly changing.
8. Fashion changes, and also often seems to repeat itself...although we seem to be going in the general trajectory of less and less clothing.
9. Morals, values, and beliefs are always subject to change.
10. A person's tolerance to spicy foods changes (increases) with exposure.
11. Skin color can change (darken) with lots of sunlight and lighten with lots of sunscreen or winter.
12. Seasons change.
13. Death changes people.
14. Exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make people happier. (Oh, is that a reference?)
15. Music tastes can change.

Fifteen Things That Do Not Change
1. Black is always slimming.
2.  I have an unquenchable love for California-grown white nectarines.
3. Long hair always takes longer to comb through and dry (especially noticeable in the winter months) and is always very hot and heavy in the summer.
4. The Harry Potter book series is excellent.
5. Audrey Hepburn as a Style Icon.
6. Massages are a great stress-reliever.
7. Fruit is healthy.
8. Travel is good for the soul.
9. Humans are social creatures and social interaction is good for us.
10. There is a human desire to capture beauty and share it.
11. We will never know all of the answers.
12. Everything comes to an end. Every moment, every relationship, every interaction, every living being...
13. The four seasons come in this order (cyclical): Spring, Summer, Fall/ Autumn, Winter.
14. It does not snow in the tropics.
15.  Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and massage oil.

Journaling Prompt - Creating lists can be a provocative way of assessing your creative internal thoughts and can spur insightful contemplation. When writing your lists, write what comes to mind, even if you feel it is a bit odd. List 15 things that change. List 15 things that do not change. (Hint don't stop at ten, challenge yourself; go on to 15.) Continue by using your lists for journal entry subjects, fiction or non-fiction writing.